Islamic Clothing – Uphold The Spiritual Tradition Of Islam

Islamic heritage calls for clothing that maintain the modesty of this woman. Therefore, clothes that protect a woman’s body from head to toe are favored by Muslim girls. Traditionally, Muslim girls have worn black and plain colored, long, loose clothes accompanied by a head scarf so that their face, or even in some instances just the eyes, are observable. But through time, the impulse to become stylish without compromising in their modesty has made Muslim ladies demand trendy clothing. Fashion Designers from throughout the globe have reacted and designed Islamic clothing that are trendy, have a western appearance and conform to the Islamic heritage and customs.

Trends in Islamic Clothing The impulse to become stylish without endangering using their spiritual principles has made Muslim ladies look out for clothing that look tasteful, and are superbly designed and appealing at precisely the exact same moment. The conventional plain colored Islamic clothing has given way to colored Jilbabs and their fitting hijabs. Additionally, the designers have started using antiques, fabrics, beads and other stuff to decorate these clothing, such as Jilbab and abaya. The beautifully designed Muslim clothing has captured the eye of non Muslim girls also. International sports goods company, Nike, has introduced an athletic jilbab to be worn with girls while playing volleyball.

Islamic Clothing: Types Muslim women and men wear clothes that cover their entire body and are small. A number of the major Kinds of Islamic clothing is:

1. The Abaya is really a loose black robe worn alongside a niqab or a face veil, covering the lower portion of their face (up into the eyes). Long black glasses are often worn to pay the palms below the Abaya.

2. The Boshiya is an Islamic complete black veil, and this is supposed to cover the face entirely such as the eyes.

3. The Burqua is a loose outer garment, typically accompanied by a veil that has holes for the eyes. It’s worn on one’s ordinary clothing, like a salwar kameez.

4. The Chador is a mind covering utilized by Muslim girls.

5. The Hijab is a headscarf that hides the hair and neck, and generally has a veil that covers the face.

6. The Jilbab basically covers the whole body except for the face, feet, hands and mind. But it’s teamed up with a scarf to cover the mind.

7. The Niqab covers the lower portion of somebody’s face.

8. The Bisht and Kaftan are cloaks for Muslim guys.

9. The Keffiyeh or Ghutra is a traditional headdress worn by Muslim men.